Holy Spirit the Irrevocable

Inspired by a friend I was up late thinking about irrevocability and its power in the Christian. The Holy Spirit brought himself to mind as the Irrevocable.

Too often in our walk we worry over the minutiae of our steps: am I headed in the right direction? Am I doing this right? Am I doing that right? Am I thinking, hoping, praying, wondering, whatever it is in this moment right? We forget only one is the guarantor of our righteousness. We worry we can lose the Holy Spirit so we ask to be filled afresh with him–we ask this over and over again. We get thirsty so ask to be filled with water forgetting that a river flows in our bellies.

I am not saying it isn’t right to seek the Holy Spirit, or to ask to be filled with him, and to do so continually. If we seek, let us seek in faithful, secure knowledge that he is the Irrevocable. Once we have the Holy Spirit, he also has us, and never lets us go. His power works within us, sometimes loudly, often silently, to reform us into the image of the Son of God. His presence, his power, his work, is irrevocable, because he himself is the Irrevocable.

I hope I can learn to rest in him. Rest in his irrevocable power within me, instead of striving in my own momentary ‘strength’. Rest in his irrevocable authority in me, rather than wringing my hands over my sinful thoughts and ways. Rest in his irrevocable work in me, not worrying I’ll backtrack and lose all I gained.

Jesus said that so he wouldn’t leave us orphans, he would send the Holy Spirit. He didn’t leave us then, he’ll never leave us now. Thank you Holy Spirit, for never leaving nor forsaking me. Thank you for being Irrevocable.


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