Why We DON’T Need Denominations

Why We DON’T Need Denominations

I couldn’t disagree more with this article. The author presents a fantastical view of denominations that doesn’t exist in reality. That said, I loved the magpie illustration, and consider myself one as I am a non-denom who flutters between RCC and Protestantism, and desire a sprinkling of Orthodox. Nevertheless, I think Paul would have a fit if he saw us today, and being a magpie is a concerted effort to break down the walls of division.


I see denominations as a cancer to the Church and counter to Christ’s intention for unity. I think the exegesis of Paul’s words are not accurate to his intent. In fact, he says, “where you baptized into Apollos, into Paul or into Christ?”. It’s not a question of who died for us, clearly that was Christ, but into whom we were baptized. Not all denominations recognize the baptism of others; in fact we argue over what is true baptism, the first outwards sign of a Christian disciple.


Denominations, ultimately are about control, pride and division. It’s about control over what people believe, how they express their faith (or don’t), who they interact with and so on. Pride over who has the right interpretation of Jesus, who’s baptism is valid, and who’s better at following Jesus. Honestly, I think it’s the work of the adversary to divide us and call it blessed.


What we need is not to glory in our divided state, nor it is to have the negative peace of ecumenism. Rather we need reconciliation leading toward unity… true unity that reflects what Jesus prayed, “Lord I pray that they are ONE as we are ONE.”


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