God May Not Have a Wonderful Plan for Your Life

I had to reblog this because we’re thinking on the same wavelength. So grateful for her well-worded reminder that it is a comfort Jesus promised us suffering. But he also promised he would, one day, end it. Until then, let us persevere in faith, moving from glory to glory.

Your Mom Has A Blog

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times:

God has a wonderful plan for your life.

Tell this to a grieving mother standing beside a gaping grave dug for her child.  Tell it to a man who can’t keep the voices away, who longs to be normal but can’t will his mind to function properly.  Tell it to a woman who was raped.  Tell it to a child while he is being cut into pieces and suctioned from his mother’s womb.

I understand the sentiment behind what we are saying when we use this phrase.  But, my friends, look around you.  A great many people live lives full of sorrow, tragedy, horror, pain, and abuse.

Where is God in all this? the seeker will ask.  What does God have to do with the pain and the sorrow in this world?

Why, everything.

He sees, He cares, He…

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