Detroit, Water Rights & the Common Good

The impending denial of an economic right such as free access to safe drinking water is a tragedy made even more insufferable because it’s happening in America. I encourage you to read a good article about it from al-Jazeera America. Read it here.

What are your thoughts?

This is inconceivable. Water is a common good, a free gift from our good and common God. #DetroitWater @UNrightswire (Click to Tweet) He makes it rain on both the righteous and unrighteous, so who is anyone is then take God’s place, and deny access for some and not for others?

Of course, we have to pay for water, as it takes someone to get it where it needs to go. The infrastructure and its upkeep requires investment. But any public policy has to stand on a moral basis, and in this case that’s free, equal and equitable access to water.




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