How Early Christian’s Worshipped

Good devotional/food for thought reading from Justin Martyr’s “First Apology”, c. 155 AD. He was one of the first apologists of the early church and martyred for his faith, thus his surname. In this part, he describes a typical Sunday service. Thank you for sharing this!


Yesterday during Wednesday Worship, I read a portion of Justin Martyr’s 155 A.D. defense of Christian practices and worship to the Roman emperor. I was drawing particular attention to the early Christian’s practice of worshipping on Sunday.  Here is an excerpt from his First Apology where he describes how early Christian’s worshipped.

How we dedicated ourselves to God when we were made new through Christ I will explain, since it might seem to be unfair if I left this out from my exposition. Those who are persuaded and believe that the things we teach and say are true, and promise that they can live accordingly, are instructed to pray and beseech God with fasting for the remission of their past sins, while we pray and fast along with them. Then they are brought by us where there is water, and are reborn by the same manner of rebirth by which…

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