On the Lord’s Prayer…”Our”

Updated to continue the series…

Warrior Poet

Volumes more insightful than my own have been written on the Lord’s Prayer, by vaunted academics to ancient saints. In this series, “On The Lord’s Prayer”, I do not claim to greatly advance the discussion, merely to share thoughts. Dive into the discussion — what does the Lord’s Prayer say to you?

Meditation on the Our in the Lord’s Prayer establishes that we are a community of believers. The simplicity of that fact can obscure its intentional, beautiful power.

“Our” is a Kingdom concept, a power countervailing the persistent drive toward atomization and individualism in our world, even if this increasingly interconnected age. It testifies, loudly, that experience of and with God is both deeply personal and intensely collective. God is not “My Father,” rather, he is “Our Father.”

Our aggregated, individual experiences validate our collective faith, even as our faith validates our individual experience. I know what I believe…

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