5 Reasons I Gave Up Sola Scriptura or How I Learned to Love the Bible *and* Tradition

Following a recent convo I had… from the archives:

Warrior Poet

At the core of my beliefs are the unity of God’s family, that we be one as the Trinity is One. So what follows comes from a desire for unity, not attack, unbelief or to stir up trouble. I also don’t wish to frustrate anyone’s evangelical faith, rather to strengthen and deepen it. Inspired by a great post out there in the blogosphere, I promised the author my own thoughts. Of course, I didn’t expect it to showcase the more interesting aspects of my theology… nevertheless, here are my 5 reasons I gave up sola scriptura and learned to love the Bible *and* Tradition:

  1. Sola scriptura often sows division and controversy
  2. Jesus is the Interpreter: the one with ultimate interpretive authority
  3. The Apostles were given the authority to interpret the Interpreter
  4. Jesus’ interpretive authority flowed through the Apostles and is carried in his Body
  5. Tradition is also a valid and…

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