jottings: the awful fate of aweful (for good friday)

i fear we have confused the A​weful with the awful,
and now we hate what we ought to love.
if to ‘know’ a thing is to master it,
then the Aweful eludes
     such attempts.
the Aweful sits forever
     at the hazy horizon of our understanding.
we hate it because it sits beyond our reach.
we declare the Aweful dead to us,
     because it refuses to submit  to our skeptical gaze.
in this way the Aweful became awful.
yet, the Aweful did deign to do so
We touched it and spoke to it.
We interacted as we would with any other.
Yet the Aweful did not submit to the tyranny of our desires,
     so we murdered it.
We had glimpsed beyond the arc of time and space,
but we were not able to meet what we saw.
     While it is still Today;
     when we may yet work at it;
     before the rage after the dying of the light comes;
let us not see the Aweful as awful.
Rather, let us be purged of the awful
so that we might stand in awe
     of what we are to behold.
The Aweful will once again hurtle back across the breach;
     will we then embrace it in hatred
or awe?

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