jottings: the missal, june 15th

Opening to Matthew 5:38-42…

“you have heard it said… but I say to you…”

The world has become cacophonous. There is no longer a Center that holds – perhaps it does, but the people no longer believe in it. The Center is no longer singular but plural, dispersed throughout the flow of human relations. We are the Center, we are the Sacred, truth originates in us, not elsewhere.

The world is so… loud. And this is why. So much I have heard said, Lord. Yet, to whom else shall I go? You and you alone have the words of eternal life. Revise the narrative I have learned so well from birth. Teach me your way so I may know You, know life. Strengthen me to have ears to hear you, and you alone. Give me the refuge of silence, and the discipline of asceticism, so I may emerge to spread your kingdom, as you did, Lord, from the desert. Keep my grounded in you, so I may withstand the torrent of words. Protect me from the Evil One. Amen.


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