Theology & Biography

The theme of I Am Warrior Poet is Theology writing biography/Biography writing theology, based on the concept that God writes our story, and our story writes our theology of God.

God is the author of our story, writing it in the direction he deems good and revealing himself through our story. As this happens, we get glimpses of who God is, and as we encounter him it shapes our understanding of him.

Our story writes our theology of God because we react to what we know–some times well, other times badly. Either way, the story God is writing with our lives shapes our theology of who God is.

At times, ‘writer’s block’ happens: we fall into sin or it happens to us; our free will leads us away from God; we or others misinterpret what God is writing; or the adversary attempts to erase what God has written. So we need something more.

We need more than our biography, we need a Biography: a perfectly written life to correct our reading of the Theology. The Incarnation of God in Jesus Christ is that Biography.

I Am Warrior Poet will thus be incarnationally-obsessed. Here, we want to explore how Theology (God) is writing our biography, how our biography writes our theology, and look to the Incarnation, the Way, and our historic faith to rewrite our theology and let God edit our story. We will explore this on the personal, national and global levels.

As we go, share your story. God is weaving a story greater than one person–he is writing a grand story spanning eons but your thread, your story, is integral to the story God is writing.


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