Warrior Poet

We all must have a moment where God tells us who we are, what we mean to Him. My moment came innocuously, walking home from work across a high school field. The Father said I was his warrior poet, and it hit me deep as true and good. So I took it as a moniker; defining it is more like “you know it when you see it”, but I enjoy this definition:

The Warrior-Poet learns to develop the mind and the body as one, using each to guide the other. The Warrior-Poet is also a spiritual warrior.
The Warrior-Poet understands their true relationship to the heaven and the earth. They understand that they embody the heavenly representation to the earth, and the earthly representation to the heavens. In other words, it is up to the Warrior-Poet to balance the cruel realities of the earth, while living by the standards of the heavens.


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